Darkness Reborn v1.4.7 Mod Apk + Data Download (immortality + attack)


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Darkness Reborn v1.4.7 Mod Apk + Data Download (immortality + attack)

Darkness Reborn v1.4.7 Mod Apk + Data Download (immortality + attack) – Intense and annihilating battles! – Plush graphics, similar to PC blockbuster games! – Feel the taste of victory! Destroy the Devil’s army with deadly effects and blows!

An exclusive series of powerful classes! – Warrior: the stone physicist with destructive abilities – Kunoichi: the cruel killer of darkness – Maga: the mysterious sorceress with a dancing chakram. – Demon Hunter: penetrate all obstacles with a powerful and precise storm of arrows – I will destroy anyone who is in my way. Wild, the double ax of destruction!

The sixth class of the character is added to the game – Warrior!
Nothing will prevent her from revealing the secrets of the East!
Test the Warrior in battle and destroy the ancient evil!

35 million users from all over the world!
Darkness Reborn – action-RPG, which has no equal!

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Chic visual effects and fast game dynamics!
– The quality of graphics Darkness Reborn is not inferior to games for PC!
“Destroy the army of darkness!” Exciting game dynamics and stunning effects.

Four classes of powerful heroes!
– Warrior: a hardy and strong fighter with powerful attack skills
– Kunoichi: cold-blooded ninja killer
– Sorceress: mysterious sorceress, armed with chakrams
– Hunter of the demons: a sharp crossbowman, leaving no chance for the enemies
“I will destroy everyone in my path.” Savage, a mighty fighter with two axes!

Several types of real-time battles with other players!
– Fight 3 on 3 in the arena: conquer the top of the rating!
– Raids on the boss: collect a well-coordinated team of players and defeat the mighty boss! Unprecedented opportunities by the standards of mobile games!
– Rifts: battles with the forces of darkness paired with another player.
“The endless battle begins!” Test your strength in the Labyrinth of the Fallen.

The fate of the world is in your hands!
– The automatic combat system will allow you to quickly pass the game!
– Make your characters stronger! Create equipment in the workshop, improve and perekovyvayte items obtained in combat.
– 1296 possible combinations of skills! Prepare to battle with the forces of darkness!

Legendary action-RPG with 25 million downloads around the world is gaining new life. Resist the forces of darkness in Darkness Reborn!

Darkness Reborn Mod Apk

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