Ghost Town Adventures v2.25.3 Mod APK Android (Unlimited Money)


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Ghost Town Adventures v2.25.3 Mod APK Android (Unlimited Money) is an adventure game that was developed by Newest Webgames Limited.Ghost Town Adventures Hack apk Mod is one game that has been modified and there banyakfitur among others Unlimited Money, Unlimitd Crystals and still bnyak else other that can be used to clicking upgrade this game in order to get an exciting game.

Ghost Town Adventures For Android has a very nice look to be played on Android and the device sejenisnya.Ghost Town Latest Adventures is about the mission of being a witch whose job cleaning the house and the place where anchor so that clear again and there is a puzzle that must be answered. wanted to be part of this mission please download link that has been provided.

If sorcery is your cup of tea, if you think that the things that go bump in the night should go bump in the twilight and day too, then welcome to Ghost Town! Not long ago, its ethereal population had been enjoying their quiet lives… when along came the Playwright, and things went from spectral to spooky in a hurry. Little is known about him, but many have been caught up in the fear-and-dread play he is staging. Like any good play, it is loaded with bad, dreadfully bad villains. Who do you think are made to act them out? The good ghosts. These gentle apparitions who wouldn’t hurt a living thing now follow the Playwright’s lead in his mystical spectacle… and nowhere in Ghost Town is safe anymore. Spirits and souls, spectres and apparitions, and who knows what else are being forced to act in unwilling malice—for who knows what dreadful purpose!

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You and the young sorceress Anna are Ghost Town’s only hope, the best and only heroes the ghosts have this side of the twilight. Together with the sorceress, you will overcome challenges, connect dots and crack cases, until you ultimately unravel the greatest mystery of all! Then and only then will the spectral beings know peace again, the good triumph over the evil, and the dreary fog of a thousand heartaches dissipate into so much nothingness… So tarry not! You are the dreadnaught hero Ghost Town needs, and the one it deserves!

Game features:
•Spectacular, state-of-the-art graphics to impress even the most demanding of players!
•Ghosts of all kinds: Apparitions, spectres, souls, spirits… You name ’em!
•20 ghostly locations, each filled with the twilight of mystique
•Hundreds of challenges that will test you to your limits, and then make you glow with the satisfaction of having overcome them!
•Enemies galore—the most villainous, nefarious types you’ve ever gone up against. Do you have the guts to brave the twilight and give them what for alongside the sorceress?
•Over 30 unique characters, each with a personality all their own
•Stirring action-driven dialogue—now witty, now poignant—and so believable you won’t believe it.
•A fast-paced phantasmagoria of a story arc with excitingly unpredictable plot twists that will take your breath away!

Mod Info

  • Unlimited Crystals

How to Install:

  1. Download Ghost Town Adventures Apk Mod his
  2. Go to Settings / Security / Check Unknown Source
  3. Install apk her to completion
  4. The game play.

Ghost Town Adventures MOD Apk

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