All Guns Blazing v1.901 Apk Mod for Android


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All Guns Blazing v1.901 Apk Mod for Android

All Guns Blazing v1.901 Apk Mod for Android – All Guns Blazing is a driving tiropodobny shooter with elements of the economy. At the very beginning of the game we are offered to enter your name, choose a character and the initial staff of residence, from where we will begin to develop our criminal business. The main time of the game we will conduct on various combat missions, where we will shoot out bandits, owed money, policemen, etc. For successfully completed tasks, we certainly receive awards (gold, money, weapons, drawings, etc.). By the way, we can drop out a rare and epic weapon, which looks very powerful and menacing. But besides this, we have to buy various buildings that we will have on our territory (for example, a gang bank, which stores money that has been misappropriated). In the game there is also a PvP mode, which is available from level 11. And from the 9th level, we will be able to organize our own cartel, invite other players into it and get to the top of the cartel league (contain such organized crime cells up to 32 players).

Naturally, you can buy weapons for making money to shoot opponents even faster and more efficiently. Also there is the possibility of personalizing the character (any glasses, beards, masks, suits, hats, etc.). On the gameplay, they certainly do not affect, but still nice.

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Crime is not a game, it’s a way of life, so take your weapons and do the lawlessness on the streets of the city. Create your own or join someone else’s cartel and start your career as a dangerous criminal. Firefights with the police will be routine for you, but other cartels with which you will have to fight for territory in PvP mode will be much more dangerous. Start small and capture the entire territory of the United States.

Regarding the graphic component: it is at the height. Models characters, weapons and environments are very high-quality, smooth animation, the effects of explosions, shots, etc., also did not disappoint. What is noteworthy: the game is very well optimized, and even with a large number of opponents, explosions, effects do not slow down, the FPS is stable, which is undoubtedly a big plus.

Sound accompaniment: the game has a rather diverse soundtrack, during combat missions, various compositions, sounds of explosions, etc. play. Quality, there’s nothing to complain about. A solid five.

All Guns Blazing v1.901 Apk Mod for Android (276 MB)

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