Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle v2.15.0 Apk Mod (massive attack)


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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle v2.15.0 Apk Mod (massive attack)

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle v2.15.0 Apk Mod (massive attack) – The plot of the game originates at a time when the flow of time in the world of DRAGON BALL was violated because of the time machine created by one Transx. Of course, such an event could not help using antagonists, familiar to amateurs on the anime of the same name. In the world, chaos reigned.

The project uses mechanics from table games, which causes many events to happen randomly. Thus, you will not get all the bonuses available on the card right away. Also will not come out to meet with all the enemies and collect all the pets in the team.

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The mechanics of fighting seem strange at all. In order to strike, you must select one of several spheres that are on the screen. The success of an attack depends on how many identical elements are in one line. The alignment of the spheres is random, so the outcome of the battles can be anything.

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The basis of the same gameplay is the selection of the most powerful team and the passage of the plot. Each mission is a playing field with various events on it. Moving is possible only for a certain number of cells, given by one of three random numbers. Often you have to choose – to fight with the enemy, to stand on the bonus field or cage with a question mark, where there can be both a danger and a good subject.

The gaming engine is similar to board games: by selecting vital energies (ki) of the same colors by touching the device screen, more and more powerful attacks can be fired. Items and special powers are hidden by the scenarios and teams can be created from combinations of the Dragon Ball characters. Although the animations are not mandatory, you can see the warriors facing each other in a very violent and flashy way. If you watched Dragon Ball on TV then the fights will catch your eye and break the game a bit.

Graphically, the project looks pretty good. The picture is similar to the original source, which will please fans of the animated series. Do not change the design of the characters. Sounds and music are also authentic. The application is perfectly optimized, and does not slow even in the most intense moments with special effects. No translation.

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