Kuboom v0.31 Apk Data Dbb Full for Android


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Kuboom v0.31 Apk Data Dbb Full for Android

Kuboom v0.31 Apk Data Dbb Full for Android – New hurricane multi-platform 3D shot online available on platforms like VKontakte, Steam, Android.

At the moment, the game has three modes: All-against-all, Team battle and Bomb. The gameplay is almost the same everywhere: you need to shoot as many enemies as possible and die as little as possible yourself.

Initially, we are armed with a shovel, colt and machine gun. With this modest arsenal, we will kill the enemies, earning a precious experience, which is awarded at the end of the round, depending on our efforts.

It is very convenient that in the game there is a function of auto-shooting, which allows all its forces to spend only on aiming. If we are killed, then after 5 seconds we are reborn and again enter the battle. Upon completion, we receive a reward and “run” to the game store. Here you can buy a lot of different weapons, if you can afford money and character level. In addition, here you can buy a new hero and customize it with the help of various accessories, for example, caps of a fur hat.

In the CUBUM | CLANS there is an opportunity to choose the quality of graphics: at max. The image looks no worse than on the computer. Realistic voice acting shots and shooting animation – shooter just do not blame!

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– Complete multi-platform! Players from all over the world and on all platforms play in one place at the same time!
– Awesome graphics, even on old computers!
– Hurricane battles in 3 game modes!
– Clan system with clan wars!
– Over 15 locations to battle!
– More than 35 weapons, divided into 6 classes!
– The ability to change the skins as a character and weapons!
– Advanced animation!
– Incredibly dynamic gameplay!
– Regular updates to the game!

Kuboom v0.31 Apk Data Dbb Full for Android (26,94 MB)

Kuboom v0.31 Apk Data Dbb Full for Android (381 MB)

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