Mushroom 11 v1.11.47 Mod Apk FULL for Android


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Mushroom 11 v1.11.47 Mod Apk FULL for Android

Mushroom 11 v1.11.47 Mod Apk FULL for Android – The game will unfold in the post-apocalyptic world – shattered and dull. In such extreme conditions, who is or who can survive. And now we have to manage an unusual form of life, which is a poisonous green mass, capable of absorbing the DNA of other creatures.

We will move through the wasteland in a peculiar way: with svaypami we destroy part of this strange creature, forcing it to flow ahead. As soon as we remove the finger from the screen it immediately restores its previous dimensions. Thus, we can penetrate any crevice to absorb as many living organisms as possible, such as fungi or strange flying insects.

Mold is an amorphous organism, which can take any form due to cell contraction. The new cells will grow immediately, allowing you to go through a mysterious world and various obstacles, overcome hordes of strange mutated creatures, and understand the true nature of the destruction from which you appeared. Beautiful visual effects complement the exquisite soundtrack of the British legend The Future Sound of London.

However, we will encounter serious obstacles, for example, lakes of hot lava. If we fall there, then instantly die. However, we immediately reborn at the last control point, which are scattered throughout the level.

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Developers managed to transfer the atmosphere of the dying world to 100%. Manually drawn locations are striking with their harsh beauty and in combination with sad music create a feeling of some kind of hopelessness.

Mushroom 11 v1.11.47 Mod Apk FULL for Android (212 MB)

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