Shadow Fight 3 v1.0.5138 Apk + Data Free for Android


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Shadow Fight 3 v1.0.5138 Apk + Data Free for Android

Shadow Fight 3 v1.0.5138 Apk + Data Free for Android – Shadow fight 3 – the long awaited sequel to one of the best fighting games of Russian studio Nekki. The new part of the developers have almost abandoned the concept of the name and the shadow is now only appear when specific impacts. But now you can enjoy dazzling detailed graphics of soldiers from different eras and environments, as well as the excellent strokes of animation. You will also have a large number of weapons and equipment available.

The story goes decades after Shadow Fight 2 hack unlimited money and gems, and revolves around the three main factions: Legion, Dynasty, and Heralds, who are struggling to survive in a world plunged by Shadow Energy. The player must create a character based on one of the three factions and then complete a series of missions to unlock new weapons, armor, perks, skills and techniques. The proposal will follow the same line of previous games, but with a depth in gameplay, even greater. Shadow Fight 3 requires a device with at least 1GB of RAM.

It is already known that at the very beginning the player will be offered to choose one of three factions: Dynasty, Heralds and Legion. The history of each of them goes back to the distant past, and the player’s available combat style also depends on the choice.

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The developer claims that the player still expects a unique passage with a huge number of daily missions and quests. But the main feature of the part will be a full-fledged multiplayer mode, in which it is necessary to fight with real people, because it was so lacking in Shadow Fight 2.

Therefore, in the third game you will have to watch the equipment more carefully, selecting the items and weapons suitable for the fighter. It’s one thing to fight against the computer’s intelligence, and quite another – against real rivals.

The system of pumping the character will remain almost the same: you can choose ammunition to taste, the same and with weapons. As a know-how combat styles have been added, it depends on them what techniques and skills will be available to the character.

Shadow Fight 3 (ZBTO one of the key features of the entire series – the shadows – has not disappeared, it’s just that now fighters can move into the so-called shadow mode, in which additional skills and techniques become available.

Shadow Fight 3 v1.0.5138 Apk + Data Free for Android (31,24 MB)

Shadow Fight 3 v1.0.5138 Apk + Data Free for Android (170 MB)

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