8 Ball Pool v3.10.1 Apk Mod for Android


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8 Ball Pool v3.10.1 Apk Mod for Android

8 Ball Pool v3.10.1 Apk Mod for Android – Before us, one of the few types of billiards, namely pool-8. Each of the types of billiards has its own features and rules, so you should carefully study them, so that during the game there were no problems. In total there will be 15 balls of different colors on the table: 7 balls in a strip, 7 monochrome and 1 black. After you or your opponent breaks the pyramid, each of the players gets control of a certain set of balls, mentioned above. It is necessary to score all 7 balls of your color and in the end do it with a single black ball. It is noteworthy that the player who scored a black ball in the middle of the game is automatically considered a loser, so try not to allow such situations.

Play online with friends! Challenge the players from all over the world. Be the top player and win a great bonus! Tackle the challenge, level up, collect unique pool cues, increase your ranking. ● 1-on-1 game mode ● Classic 8-ball game ● Personalize your billiard cue ● Chatting with phrase and Emoji ● Daily / weekly rewards and gifts ● Tablet support.

The game is very convenient and easy to manage. Pressing the display, we will change the position of the cue on the table, and with the help of a special slider located on the left side of the display to adjust the impact force. If you have been playing billiards for a long time, then a surprise has been prepared for you, namely, the possibility of twisting the ball during the impact.

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In addition to the usual one-on-one battles, the game provides a full tournament in which up to 8 players can participate. Two-dimensional graphics will appeal to many players, each of you will see the table from above, which allows you to more realistically assess the chances of getting into this or that hole. There are no music here, only sounds from the beats of the cue.

Cue Billiard Club – an excellent simulator of classic billiards. Play one of the most believable billiards in history. You have the choice of both classic modes and 9-ball, and not quite well-known Snooker (reduced balls, enlarged table), Free Shot (game without rules, training) and Speed Pot (fast game with a time limit). You can play both against AI in the tournament mode, and with a friend on one device.

8 Ball Pool v3.10.1 Apk Mod for Android (49.1 MB)

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