Asphalt Street Storm Racing v1.1.2 Apk for Android


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Asphalt Street Storm Racing v1.1.2 Apk for Android

Asphalt Street Storm Racing v1.1.2 Apk for Android – In this part of the mechanics is more like the famous CSR Racing. Apparently, Gameloft decided to occupy all the niches in the racing segment. The user needs to go a long way to universal respect and fame, step by step winning the victory. From the majority of similar races Asphalt differs license cars, after all it is much more pleasant to go on the car with a badge Audi, than on an unknown brand.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing Apk – Steer your supercar at high speed through the most glamorous cities in the world. Raise the challenge, run in the rain, snow or scorching heat to win the opponent’s car on a bet. How about multiplayer racing PvP 1 vs. 3 in real time? The harder, the greater the triumph!

As always, in addition to the competitive component, a garage is available to the user in which he can do anything with his car: improve its technical characteristics or hang it with various vinyls and stickers. Gameloft has always been famous for attention to this aspect, so this part is no exception.

Arrivals are held according to the standard scheme: participants start from one line and race along a straight line, the first crossed line wins. One of the main advantages of this race is multiplayer, in which up to four users can participate in one race.

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• DREAM CARS! Collect and pile cars you’ve had or have always wanted! From classics to supercars. All licensed. • BET! Betting little on each race or studying your opponents before betting your car, races have never been so exciting. Bets are available in solo mode or in multiplayer PvP battles. • START RUN WITH UP TO 4 PLAYERS! Run solo or multiplayer to feel the adrenaline in your skin! Race against 3 riders in real-time PvP disputes.

Graphics and a distinctive feature of the racing series of games from Gameloft, so there is nothing to be surprised that this part of the developer did not disappoint. Cars and environments look incredibly realistic. Background music has a beneficial effect on the atmosphere. Is there Russian language.

Asphalt Street Storm Racing v1.1.2 Apk for Android (38.1 MB)

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