Bus Simulator 17 v1.5.0 Mod Apk for Android


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Bus Simulator 17 v1.5.0 Mod Apk for Android

Bus Simulator 17 v1.5.0 Mod Apk for Android – You are a young and promising driver of large buses, who come to one of the local cities to get a job as a long distance driver. You have a unique opportunity to ride a wide variety of buses, overcoming tens of hundreds of kilometers from one city to another, while observing the rules of the road and not creating dangerous situations on the road.

Once the game is launched you will be taken to the main menu, where there is a huge map of one of the countries where you need to choose the city of interest and start your own bus driver profession. Once the city is chosen you will be able to choose a bus and pick up the route most interesting for you, the further you need to go, the more money you can earn.

Board and drive the bus to complete all the routes! Create your own custom routes. Next-generation graphics with articulated, two-story and school buses make this simulator the best on the market! A new traffic system will allow you to drive like never before. Download Bus Simulator 17 now! – Realistic cities divided by areas (Center, Suburban, Industrial and Field) – Drive in the city, desert, mountain and freeway – Many detailed buses (articulated, two floors, school, London) Mirrors (also inside).

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The route, which you need to move constantly, is drawn using the arrow on the mini-map located at the bottom of the screen. At the time of movement, you must always keep distance to other cars, do not drive through the red light, do not crash into other cars and follow the rules of the road in everything, otherwise on arrival in another city you will be fined for a large sum of money.

From the control you can choose three methods: an accelerometer, a virtual steering wheel or arrows, and all this will be accompanied by a huge instrument panel, on which a large number of auxiliary buttons fit.

Locations in the game are very, very many, they are very extensive, their drawing is on an average level, but our bus and other cars look quite realistic, and physics is simply gorgeous. Music here, too, is there, but because of the constant roar of the engine it is almost not audible.

Bus Simulator 17 v1.5.0 Mod Apk for Android (132 MB)

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