Constantine v1.02 Mod Apk for Android


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Constantine v1.02 Mod Apk for Android

Constantine v1.02 Mod Apk for Android – The plot line is not at all, except for a couple of cut scenes at the very beginning, and so – running and killing, we kill and run, farm gold, knock out clothes and nothing more. There are three main classes to choose from: a magician, an assassin and a warrior. At any time, you can change the class and try your hand at playing another character, while the grades that were on the former hero remain untouched. AI does not have a particular ingenuity and always follows one tactic – an attack, so after a few dungeons it’s frankly boring to play. Improvements in performance occur automatically with each level rise.

There is no game in the cooperative mode, there is no possibility of customizing the characters for you, you can use only existing models and put them on different clothes that fall from the chests or for the passage of dungeons. By the way, they can be overcome in an automatic mode, that is, without the active participation of the player. The interface is convenient, control is realized both through usual touch of the screen, and through svaypy at a certain point in the battle. If you correctly calculate the time, you will get a strong attack, which can be combined with svaypami in other directions.

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A great selection of characters and a wide variety of items! A good balance of various character costumes and many items! Have fun collecting all items. Reach ultimate fame competitive mode! Battle for victory in the always exciting 1: 1 sword fights! Become a top-ranked player and claim fame and rewards. Simple growth system! Items and leveling up is not all there! You can increased your character’s statistics directly as well! Try to increase your stats in growth mode.

Russian localization is not available, but developers are generously shedding promises about the imminent introduction of this. With optimization, there are also some problems, but it concerns already obsolete versions of Android.

What comes to your mind when you hear the name Constantine? The game will talk about a formidable warrior who fights with hordes of demons and monsters. Although it is not related to the film of the same name, this does not mean that passing the game will not give you pleasure. By the type of games Clash of Dawn and Blade Warrior we will look at what is happening from above, control the hero with the joystick and use the blows, abilities, combinations. Naturally, after each level, we are waiting for a shop with items, forge, tavern and other locations in which you can improve the character and get new quests.

There are no graphics settings, you can only adjust the sound and turn off the notifications. In addition, the musical accompaniment is very annoying, even in the main menu there is a constantly recurring composition, and the heroes are always sobbing, groaning and groaning.

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As for the graphics – very gray. There is not enough color saturation, and the dungeons almost do not differ. A bit of anime models of characters, as in every 2nd game of this genre.

Constantine v1.02 Mod Apk for Android (197 MB)

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