DEAD TARGET: Zombie v2.9.4Apk Mod for Android


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DEAD TARGET: Zombie v2.9.4Apk Mod for Android

DEAD TARGET: Zombie v2.9.4Apk Mod for Android – In the game there is only a mode of passage, which consists of a certain number of missions. Levels are in different parts of the city, infected by a zombie virus. We will exterminate the waves of the dead, while in the hospital, police station or on the streets of the metropolis.

The mechanics of the game are simple – the character stands still and tries to get into the walking corpses, while you need to monitor the ammunition and the health scale, while recharging the weapon or changing it to a more suitable one. There are several kinds of trunks here: machine guns, pistols, shotguns. They are bought for money, which are earned as a result of the passage of missions. Buy is necessary and ammunition, there are also bonuses for improving the characteristics of the equipment.

Post-apocalyptic 3D zombie shooter, which unfolds in 2040 during the new World War, after the Ministry of Defense concluded an agreement with research laboratories on the creation of genetically modified super warriors, whose targets were the most typical prisoners. & Nbsp; However, in the future, these labs, pursuing Their goals, threaten to cause a zombie outbreak if the president and the Ministry of Defense do not fulfill their demands.

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A special type of weapons are grenades that destroy several enemies at once, and a good way to save ammo is to shoot a zombie between the eyes. Before the task it is possible to familiarize with the inventory to choose the necessary outfit and trunk.

The project has a good three-dimensional graphics. Dead men are not particularly well-detailed, but at the same time on the screen there can be about a dozen and at the same time the application does not start to slow down. Management is convenient, aiming enemies at the head is easy. The sounds of the shots usually sound, the background music plays in the menu. No ads.

In the end, we got a good shooting range in the scenery of the zombie apocalypse. It is interesting to discover improved weapons, previously closed locations and meet new types of enemies. It is possible to write down in the minuses of the project a certain monotony of what is happening, but the missions are short and dynamic, and therefore do not have time to get bored.

DEAD TARGET: Zombie v2.9.4Apk Mod for Android (81.5 MB)

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