Disney Emoji Blitz v1.12.1 Mod Apk for Android


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Disney Emoji Blitz v1.12.1 Mod Apk for Android

Disney Emoji Blitz v1.12.1 Mod Apk for Android – In this fascinating game, we have to go through numerous levels, discover new emoji, collect various collectible items from childhood-known cartoons, etc. After the start we are offered to choose the first emoji. Each of them has unique abilities. For example, Simba, arranges a chase, which removes several rows of chips from the playing field.

The gameplay is standard: our task is to make combinations of the same chips, removing them from the field. And if you collect a combo from 4 or 5 identical chips, we get a bonus – a storm cloud and a sun, respectively. Thanks to them, you can immediately clean several rows. In the process of passing, we will earn gold coins, which are then used to open new emoji. In total there are about 400 of them in the game.

Play quick 3-rounds to win prizes, complete quests, and discover new emoji. Collect items and emoji from Disney and Pixar characters from The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Cinderella, Toy Story, Looking for Dory and more! • COMBO emojis to punctuate and unlock characters • COLLECT more than 400 emojis and Disney and Pixar items • DRAW the board with emoji superpowers and combos • PLAY quests to increase your points and win prizes • CHALLENGE your friends’ records • SHARE your Emojis collected by the keyboard Emoji Blitz.


Each level is limited in time. When creating combinations, we charge two scales: one of them is responsible for using the ability of the emoji chosen by us, and the second one allows us to run the Blitz mode, which increases the points scored by us.

The game will please us with a pleasant color scheme, a huge variety of emoto and cute animation. The voice-over also did not disappoint: the dynamic musical accompaniment and other sound effects were performed at a decent level.

Disney Emoji Blitz v1.12.1 Mod Apk for Android (90.6 MB)

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