Dungeon Hunter 5 v2.8.0h Apk Mod for Android


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Dungeon Hunter 5 v2.8.0h Apk Mod for Android

Dungeon Hunter 5 v2.8.0h Apk Mod for Android – One of the most powerful kingdoms was surrounded by devilish creatures. A variety of traits, demons and other creatures destroy cities and take defenseless citizens into slavery. But not everything is so simple, because within the state there is a civil war, which does not allow to unite all forces against the common threat for the state. Due to several betrayals, the Order of Heroes was broken, namely, he defended the citizens of the city. It is we who must save the empire from destruction and slavery.

Our difficult adventure begins with a huge fortress in which it is necessary to find a traitor who stole one of the oldest artifacts. But on our way rose robber and undead, which in every possible way prevents us from catching the traitor.

A EPIC CAMPAIGN o Catch monsters and villains through the 69 missions of this expanding story. O Discover diverse environments – from the ruined kingdom of Valenthia to the cold and barbaric outpost of Valen. PLAY WITH FRIENDS o Join 3 other players and fight side by side in cooperative mode. O Hire friends as Allies to help you on your journey to revenge.

The main character is not attached to a certain class of characters. You will be given a choice of five weapons. For example, swords, glaive, staff, and crossbows on each hand. Each of the weapons will fit a certain style of combat, so it is worth considering this and countering the enemies accordingly. For each of the fights you can take two weapons, switch between which you can in a few seconds. It is also possible to use magic skills through special items.

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The fighting in the game is very dynamic and bloody. You will be surrounded by completely different enemies, which come from all sides, so you have to dodge numerous attacks and be wary of retaliatory spells. After each of the levels will come across bosses, the most huge creatures, possessing high strength and armor.

Dungeon Hunter 5 v2.8.0h Apk Mod for Android (1.22 GB)

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