Fallout Shelter v1.12 Apk Mod for Android


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Fallout Shelter v1.12 Apk Mod for Android

Fallout Shelter v1.12 Apk Mod for Android – At first, the shelter will have only a couple of rooms without electricity or water and food, but gradually improving its shelter it will collect more and more refugees from the wasteland. Each of the refugees can be instructed, they can be sent to work – at the electrical substation or in the dining room. Workers can be accelerated, thereby instantly gaining resources and experience. But this can cause a fire or other trouble.

Here, your goal is to build rooms, kitchens, and all kinds of life support systems to ensure that refugees have everything they need to survive. There are three basic resources you should be concerned about: energy, food, and water. Nevertheless, it is also essential to take care of the accommodation and the level of satisfaction of the inhabitants of the base, since they can become quickly irritated or discouraged, increasing the number of accidents.

The game uses 3 types of resources: food, water and electricity. It is not difficult to extract them, we just make the construction, we send the most suitable candidate there and the resources will start to drip. Why “suitable”? It’s simple – all refugees, like in the original Fallout, have their unique characteristics SPECIAL (Strength, agility, charisma …) and they directly affect the efficiency of work and the execution of instructions.

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Over time, you will begin to run out of space for expansion, so you will have to “break stones” under the shelter, of course for insane money, but what do you think?

It’s no secret that after the nuclear disaster people hid in shelters – bunkers, hidden far below the ground. One of these you will manage. Taking into account all the needs and desires of people, you will build new rooms, buildings, buildings and laboratories, and everything in order for your comrades to be happy. In total, the game has three basic needs: energy, food and water. In order to maximize the comfort level, you constantly need to maintain them at a good level, building new dining rooms, stations and mines. In addition to construction, it is necessary to resettle the survivors, sending them to work. To do this, hold your finger and drag people to the right room. And of course there were caps – it is the only and the most important game currency with which everything is bought and improved.

Do not forget about the happiness of your wards, when they are hungry, bored or just seen enough of what is happening in your tent sheet, their level of happiness falls, which will make them useless workers.

Fallout Shelter v1.12 Apk Mod for Android (234 MB)

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