Head Soccer v6.0.7 Apk Mod for Android


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Head Soccer v6.0.7 Apk Mod for Android

Head Soccer v6.0.7 Apk Mod for Android – A distinctive feature of Head Soccer LaLiga, which will allow you to recognize it among many games of this kind, is that all the players in it have disproportionately large heads, while they look grotesque and can make special super strokes with their big head in the pressure, scoring goals and sending Opponents into the goal after the ball.

Here, the clashes are individual and not one-on-one, all in the biggest style of platform games – and bringing characters head over heels! Each of these little dolls represents a country – and you have to do everything to win. This includes exchanges of kicks, shoves and even the most diverse special blows, all so that the ball always ends at the bottom of the nets.

In a separate tab in Head Soccer LaLiga, you can create your own football player by choosing a bizarre shape of the head, nose and mouth, add hair or even a beard, and give him a name and choose the team for which he will play. By the way, the teams are exclusively from the Spanish La-League: Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Valencia, Atletico, Villarreal and others. Here for playing money you can improve your character speed, jump, punch and super abilities.

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Funny arcade football, in which only two players take part – it’s you and your opponent. The gameplay in the game is implemented on the principle of pinball, in other words you need to beat a soccer ball and & beat & its ricochets so that it reaches the opponent’s goal. From the controls there are only three buttons, (not counting the arrows of movement) – it’s a blow, a jump and a super attack. On the money earned from the match, you can pump your player, increasing his striking characteristics and speed of movement. The game contains 4 game modes: Arcade, tournament, survival mode and league, as well as multiplayer mode.

To play Head Soccer LaLiga it is possible at the level of friendly matches, League of BBVA, cups and other world tournaments. In this game, one mode is PvE mode. Management is simple: moving players left and right, kicking, jumping and super-blow. Despite the fact that the management is simple, in order to win you will need to work hard. Make sure that the ball is not behind your character, because in this game, own goals are a common thing!

Head Soccer v6.0.7 Apk Mod for Android (120 MB)

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