Heavy Truck Simulator v1.890 Mod Apk for Android


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Heavy Truck Simulator v1.890 Mod Apk for Android

Heavy Truck Simulator v1.890 Mod Apk for Android – After the launch, the user will enter the garage and buy his first truck, then you can proceed directly to the game process. The game provides an opportunity to try yourself in the role of a truck driver.

The essence is the transportation of goods through the game world. It is necessary to approach the place marked on the map, select the cargo and deliver it to the specified place. In the process, the driver earns a game currency, which allows you to improve your owl truck or buy a more powerful one.

Floor roads with holes and dangerous places of loading / unloading bring more reality and fun to the game; – Trucks with different characteristics! Work hard with old Trucks to buy the new and powerful !; – Various types of carts and freights (more types of carts will be added in the next updates); – Day / Night cycle; – Several cities (more cities will be added in the next updates!); – Tolls, gas stations and companies bring immersion to the game; – Multiple graphical configurations for better performance on weaker phones; – Simulation of fatigue of the Driver, making the same sleep at the wheel.

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There are several types of overview: the view from the cab, the rear of the truck from a third person, as well as various angles that are not comfortable for driving. The driver can turn on the headlights, look in the rear-view mirror and switch the gearbox to different modes.
In the settings there is a switch that regulates the congestion of roads. You can control the truck either with the accelerometer or in the standard way – the onscreen buttons.

The physics of the movement has been worked out quite qualitatively. Various types of road surface, speed, mass of tractor and trailer are taken into account. Before you go on the road, the cargo should be picked up, and for this you have to take back looking in the rear-view mirrors. In general, everything is as it is.

Only in this game you will be able to feel like a real king of the road, because in your hands are multi-ton trucks, run by real professionals. Together with them you will explore the vast open territory and you will be able to visit many cities, which are mainly located in Brazil. Do not forget to refuel along the road, watch the time of day, take the most advantageous offers and control your car. First of all, it’s a simulator, which means that all the controls are in your hands.

So far only the beta version of the game is available for download, localized in two languages ​​- Portuguese and English, the Russian version is missing. Graphics, although configured in several modes, but at its maximum settings looks somehow poor, with the current trends. In Heavy Truck Simulator there is obsessive video advertising, which continually appears when navigating through the menu.

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Heavy Truck Simulator v1.890 Mod Apk for Android (269 MB)

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