Hungry Shark Evolution v4.9.0 Apk Mod for Android


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Hungry Shark Evolution v4.9.0 Apk Mod for Android

Hungry Shark Evolution v4.9.0 Apk Mod for Android – We are offered to start the passage with a small fish, but after a while our shark can attack people and larger marine inhabitants who will bring you a lot of strength and extra points.

Being a small shark, we will explore the vast expanses of the ocean. The main goal of the game is to devour others! And do it all the time, because without eating fish does not live long. In addition to small fish, crabs and humans, the game has many poisonous and dangerous fish, jellyfish, as well as adult sharks, which we need to avoid. When the shark is starving, it loses its life, you can replenish it only through the stomach!

+ 3D-quality console graphics + 12 types of shark to release + A huge free world to terrorize + Intuitive touch or spin controls + 15 sunken treasures to discover + Over 75 quests to complete + Equip your sharks with equipment and special items + Free shark puppets to boost your predatory powers + Combo Bonus and Golden Rush to surpass your record + Facebook Social Features

There is no plot or training in the game, the only thing that will be shown to us is management. In the left part is located the joystick, which is responsible for the movement of the shark, and in the right joystick, designed to accelerate, and you can accelerate only when the special scale is filled.

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As we move around the ocean and eat anything that’s edible, our shark will gain experience points and simultaneously increase its level. Increasing the overall level of the shark, it will automatically increase its size, and can grow to the size of a small ship, which will allow you to destroy other ships, biting them in half, and people who fall into the water, snap as nuts.

Attention! Hungry Shark is here again and she is even hungrier than before. Hungry Shark Evolution continued popular game Hungry Shark which collected more than 10 million downloads on the official Google Play. Feel yourself a predator of the ocean, frighten and eat all around. Go from baby to a huge 10-ton shark.

Of course, the most interesting is to fight with people who are of several kinds: beach-goers, divers, and fishermen. If you try, our shark will be able to grab even those people who are located on the shore, after which, you can quickly sail into the ocean. The game has a huge amount of blood, which exceeds all reasonable standards, however, everything here is so crazy as the gameplay.

Explore the underwater world and eat sea creatures, turtles, swimmers and fishermen, fight the sharks with enemies and secret creatures from the depths. Earn coins and precious stones, passing the mission and spend it on the purchase of the ability of the shark, to become even more insidious and faster.

In total, there are 11 species of various sharks in the game, starting from the simplest one and ending with a huge white shark, which eats up all of us howling the way. I am glad that the whole game is presented in the form of a large open world, through which we can move freely, and thanks to the simplicity of management, this process is at times more enthralling. As for assignments, there are also a lot of them, and as you move you need to perform mini-tasks. Each shark in the game can be equipped with special objects and devices, which will allow the player to more efficiently eat prey and grow sharks faster. The game itself is constantly supplemented with new tasks, tests and subjects that will not let you get bored.

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Hungry Shark Evolution v4.9.0 Apk Mod for Android (96.2 MB)

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