Insomnia 5 v5 Apk + Data for Android


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Insomnia 5 v5 Apk + Data for Android

Insomnia 5 v5 Apk + Data for Android – The protagonist can not sleep, because he is overcome by horrible nightmares, in which he finds himself in strange places. Every time he closes his eyes, a dubious picture opens up, so it’s unclear what is true or dream. In addition to the muffled light and sounds that lead to shivers, periodically there are ghosts at the most inopportune moment. The player often has to dive into total darkness.

During the adventure you must solve some puzzles and especially calm the “ghost son” soul and avoid falling into mental stress and dying. Contain and manipulate objects to reach progress in game history. Objects that can interact flash dimly. Locate hidden drugs in all scenarios; if you do not find or have finished, you can always buy more at the store. In this version we added a new movement system and more dynamic cameras. Choose languages, including Spanish, English or Portuguese, at any time enter the inventory.

The mechanics of the application is quite simple: with the help of virtual joysticks, the main character moves around the locations, many of which are devoid of light. In addition, the character has a bag in which you can carry various items, such as keys or tools. It is worth noting that often for passing it is necessary to solve riddles and puzzles, and their solution is complicated by a depressing atmosphere. And, of course, it is necessary to examine each corner in the hope of finding an object that will help to approach the denouement of history.

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In terms of graphics, the horror is pretty good, it’s really scary to play, although it’s mostly due to the screamers. The musical accompaniment picks up the sinister atmosphere created by the textures. The Russian language is present.

Insomnia 5 v5 Apk + Data for Android (532 MB)

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