SimCity BuildIt v1.16.94.58291 Apk Mod for Android


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SimCity BuildIt v1.16.94.58291 Apk Mod for Android

SimCity BuildIt v1.16.94.58291 Apk Mod for Android – In fact, before us we can say the port of one of the most popular computer games SimCity, whose actions will take place in the same-named universe. As in the computer version of the game, we will act as the mayor of a small city, which needs to do everything to make people in it happier and do not need anything.

To help you in the difficult matter of governing the city will be a girl named Eve, who will help you get comfortable. The first step is to pave the way from your new city to the main highway. It is not difficult to do this – you need to select asphalt on the right side of the display, and then on the location to indicate the place where you want to conduct the asphalt. After the road will be built new residents will be able to settle in your city. After the construction of the road it is necessary to build several houses in which new residents will be settled.

WELCOME MAYOR! We are happy to have you on board. Your first order of business – create your own unique city that has people migrating to your city. The bigger your city gets, the more accurate its citizens have. Solve real city problems and add city services to keep them happy and their thriving city.

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After that, we must establish industry and the first thing we build is a warehouse of building materials, where a variety of materials will be created and stored for the construction of new buildings and various structures. Then there will be factories for the manufacture of metals, power stations (windy or at a cheap angle, you decide, but it is worthwhile to understand that the satisfaction of your inhabitants depends on the environment) and much more that can affect the life of your citizens.

You can also visit neighboring cities, where you can buy the missing parts and materials necessary for us for construction, watch the ideas and location of certain objects, and just admire the beauties. During the game, you should always consider the needs of the city’s residents and try to do so that each of the residents feels comfortable.

SimCity BuildIt is a mobile version of one of the most popular urban simulators in which you can build a large metropolis on your Android devices. Despite the fact that SimCity BuildIt is designed specifically for mobile devices, it is in no way inferior to the PC version. Just by directly building you will have to take charge of all over all the services and facilities of the developing city, to ensure that the townspeople are all happy, and as a consequence to develop not only industry but also entertainment and commerce. In terms of graphics, the mobile version also does not lose much to the original, and full support of the Russian language will be an additional pleasant bonus.

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Graphics in the game at the highest level, fully three-dimensional image with the ability to scale. All the objects and buildings that are in the game, even at the maximum magnification, look well-drawn, stylistically the same as the Sims. The music in the game is pleasant, the sounds correspond to the original, as well as the whole game.

SimCity BuildIt v1.16.94.58291 Apk Mod for Android (78.5 MB)

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