Subway Surfers v1.72.1 Mod Apk for Android


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Subway Surfers v1.72.1 Mod Apk for Android

Subway Surfers v1.72.1 Mod Apk for Android – he plot in the game is simple and straightforward: An ordinary kid named Jake, he painted himself graffiti on the train car, but he was burned by a security guard and decided to punish the boy, after chasing the main character with his dog. The messenger can run on one of the three “tracks” , Jumping and rolling up avoiding obstacles. In the first race you will be shown a short training by the management: upwards – is responsible for the jump, downwards – the tackle, and left and right for the change of the path along which the main character moves.

On the way there will be a lot of obstacles in the form of small barriers and moving towards you trains, hitting under which the game will have to start from the very beginning. The hero has only one life – crashing will have to start the race from the very beginning, but if you hesitate and touch the obstacle – you will catch up with the guard!

Very similar to Temple Run, one of the interesting features of the game is the possibility of using Hoverboard, the flying skateboard of the movie “Back to the Future”. From the same Frisbee Forever Producer, the application has excellent graphics, colorful and very flashy. Another great attraction is its frantic gameplay. After the first few minutes, the chase gets very intense, with many subway cars blocking its passage and it will take a lot of agility not to hit anything.

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As you move, you need to collect coins and various bonuses, as well as useful items that we will need in the future. Coins can be spent on bonuses and boosters, costumes and the discovery of characters. As for the bonuses that you can get on the way, these are classic short-term improvements for the runner: a magnet that attracts all the coins, a multiplier of glasses, super shoes that make our hero jump two times higher, and also a jetpack that will give us some time The ability to fly with a knapsack and collect additional coins. Also in the in-game store you will be able to purchase one-time bonuses: a hoverboard that is activated during the movement by a double tap on the display, a mystery box with new items or additional coins, an increase in points during the race five times, and a megastart (start the game not from the very Beginning), and skipping the first, second and third missions, if you suddenly can not go through them.

Of course, Subway Surf for android is the most popular and downloadable game in the genre of runner in the official play market store. In its entire history, the game has collected more than 100 million downloads around the world. Do not waste time and you. Do you want to download surf surf to android? Then go ahead. Start your journey now!

To dilute the gameplay in the game added tasks: For example, collect 200 coins, jump over 20 obstacles in one run, use two any bonuses and much more. In fact, all tasks will be repeated, and they are difficult – to increase, so you have to sweat hard to accomplish the task and get for this extra coins. In addition, there are weekly and daily assignments, performing which you will be able to earn many useful items and coins.

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On the plot, you play the role of a young kid who runs away from the guard of order in the subway, jumping from wagons to wagons and dodging the oncoming trains. Your task is to collect coins during your race, spending which you can buy new characters, new skateboards or increase the levels of your abilities. In the game colorful and lively HD graphics.

The game is made in a pleasantly cartoon style: everything is very bright, positive and incredibly dynamic. The game does not have a lot of visual effects, but thanks to the work of talented animators, the game looks great, and even works on the oldest smartphones. The background to your run will be played by a positive and simple melody that fits perfectly into the game.

Subway Surfers v1.72.1 Mod Apk for Android (65.7 MB)

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