Tinker Island v1.2.5 Mod Apk for Android


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Tinker Island v1.2.5 Mod Apk for Android

Tinker Island v1.2.5 Mod Apk for Android – From the brief cutscene before the start, we learn that our
The liner sank, and we in the company of the survivors found themselves on a beautiful tropical island. However, there is no time to admire its beauties – one must take care of one’s own survival.

FIGHT against keen foes, tame beasts, ascend novels and solve ENIGMAS. When the island TALK to you, will you answer ?? ➾ Lead a bunch of survivors using simple thefts ➾ Choose your own adventure ➾ Explore a great luxurious world ➾ Live a conversation with the island ➾ Face challenges lurking in the bushes ➾ Dig resources to survive ➾ Build a base and upgrade structures ➾ Make weapons And handcrafted tools ➾ Discover an exciting story ➾ Unravel the terrible mysteries of the Isle of Manipulation.

Finding ourselves on the beach, we begin to explore it. This is done by transferring the icons of the characters to the location icon. Here we find crabs and branches. From wood, you can build a fire, and fried crabs are not so bad at taste.

Then on the global map we switch to another location and continue to explore it already. In the process of passing, we will find new essays:
Food, metal, wood, etc. From the extracted materials we will have to craft Various items that help us survive. In addition, we will find on the island more than one survivor and join our team.

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You will begin your journey on a large lonely island, where you have to survive, using all your talents for this. You have to build your own camp, collect important resources, collect a team of survivors and fight for your life with local monsters. Explore the island with your heroes and craft weapons that will help in a difficult battle.

Game graphics are made in pixel style with the use of bright colors. Despite its “pixel” image in Tinker Island looks great. Sound in the game is also present.

Excellent graphics, which will be appreciated by fans of A Tale of Survival
Lots of opportunities for building, improving
Craft outfit from the found resources
Dangerous battles with monsters
A huge game world with secrets and quests

Tinker Island v1.2.5 Mod Apk for Android (57 MB)

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