World of Tanks Blitz v3.10.0.154 APK for Android


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World of Tanks Blitz v3.10.0.154 APK for Android

World of Tanks Blitz v3.10.0.154 APK for Android – Simply courageous troops also need to prove themselves 🙂 In fact, the game clings to its elaboration: imagine, each tank is unique in its characteristics, there are also “shustriki”, and there are heavyweights – cars vanshots. Add to this the quality physics of the surrounding world, tanks and especially shells: every ricochet in the game is accompanied by someone’s displeased exclamation.

Move into over 200 massive tanks in amazing detail! Attack enemy lines with intuitive screen touch controls built specifically for great online mobile gameplay. Gather your friends or make new friends to get into 7vs7 PvP action-packed battles no matter where you are! Mount your clan and enter the battlefield together, putting your strategy and military strength to the test. • More than 200 iconic vehicles from the 2nd GM of various nations • 18 exclusive battle arenas • 7v7 online strategic multiplayer • Free-to-win: equal access to the elements of the game for all.

All participants of the battle in automatic mode will be divided into two teams, the goal of each unit is to destroy all the enemy members, or capture the flag (depending on the chosen card). For each destroyed enemy tank you will earn coins for which you can buy for your tank new armor piercing shells, armor, a new tsussechnuyu chain or a new tank.

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This is a free action-style MMO game developed by Wargaming, which created World of Tanks for PC, which has over 100 million players. World of Tanks for android was created from the ground up specifically for mobile devices, but it was created on the basis of a large version. The game will allow you to take part in battles 7 to 7 wherever you are.

World of Tanks Blitz v3.10.0.154 APK for Android (69.6 MB)

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