BattleTime v1.5.0 Apk Mod for Android

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BattleTime v1.5.0 Apk Mod for Android

BattleTime v1.5.0 Apk Mod for Android – In BattleTime, you can pass more than 300 missions on various maps, capture defensive fortresses, towers, forts, stables and other buildings. First, some structures will not belong to either side, but the attempt to capture them can cost hundreds of your soldiers, and those structures that your enemies have managed to capture and develop will have to be defeated and transferred to their flag. After successfully completing the missions, you will receive three types of awards. First, gold, for which you can buy additional artifacts. Secondly, the stars that will launch the various advantages of your army in missions, and, thirdly, the experience of the hero, which will enable him to raise his level.

BattleTime is a classic strategy in which your task is to crush an opponent and capture all of his towers. Each level consists of several structures that you capture along with the enemy and only the right tactics will help you to win over 300 levels.

Collect a unique collection of artifacts, and you will receive a bonus to all six types of skills, as well as special trophies. Improve the characteristics of your army with crystals, improve your commander’s skills and lead your people to victory!

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The gameplay is intuitive and dynamic enough. Game time, which is given for the passage of the mission, can be accelerated with the help of special abilities. During the battle, you can use additional armor, strength and speed of the army, as well as defense, the strength of the towers and the rapid improvement, and the increase in the warriors.

BattleTime v1.5.0 Apk Mod for Android (56.5 MB)

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