Bomb Hunters v2.0 Mod Apk for Android

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Bomb Hunters v2.0 Mod Apk for Android

Bomb Hunters v2.0 Mod Apk for Android – At each location, several bombs have been installed, which must be urgently deactivated, because The timer is already ticking. We reach the explosive, and in a few seconds the character neutralizes it. Here you can find gold coins, extra time and other bonuses.

After that, we pass into the gate and go to the next level. The game process will gradually become more complicated: there will be ditches with water, where you can not fall, busy roads, on which cars and even snipers, opening fire, can shoot us down, as soon as we appear in sight.

Bomb Hunters – one touch arcade with limited time. The work of the rank-and-file engineer is serious and dangerous: heavy equipment, permanent nerves, and even it is impossible to make mistakes in any case. It is you who are invited to become a specially trained soldier and carry out a responsible mission to neutralize bombs throughout the area. Do slides on the screen to move the character (as in Crossy Road and similar games), stop on explosives, dispose of it and run further. In addition to bombs, you will encounter many obstacles along your way, including civil and military vehicles, arrows, radioactive waste, etc.

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Performing various missiles, we earn extra gold, which can be spent on the acquisition of a new armor for the protagonist. This way we can take more damage. And in the boxes that will be given to us for winning, you can find a bunch of different improvements. For example, an increase in the time bonus, etc.

But the management in Bomb Hunters (Unreleased) failed. It is carried out with the help of svaypov, although the joystick or arrows in this case would be much more appropriate. The dressage in different suits looks very funny, the surrounding world is quite detailed, the game music is not bad.

Bomb Hunters v2.0 Mod Apk for Android (48.5 MB)

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