Castle Cats v1.4.6 Mod Apk for Android

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Castle Cats v1.4.6 Mod Apk for Android

Castle Cats v1.4.6 Mod Apk for Android – In this game, the user has to assemble a team of brave cats to resist the common enemy – Evil Necromops. In general, the mechanics are very simple: the user starts the quest, chooses the character and goes into battle. The battle is similar to the scene from the clicker – the user just needs to click on the enemy until his health is over.

Create your own guild of brave warriors in the castle of cats! Collect the legendary heroes and adventurous adventurers – control your guild and send them to an epic adventure to collect rewards! But be careful – the darkness of the Evil Pugomancer in spreads like a forest fire, and it’s your mission to save the kingdom of Catania!

It is worth noting that there is a possibility not to engage in battle, then the quest will be performed by the character himself, but it will take some time – about several minutes (all depends on the complexity of the quest).

In total, the game has about 60 species of cats, each of which is worthy of wearing the banner of the player’s guild. And all the characters are improved, so that the army is becoming stronger and more powerful.

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Castle Cats v1.4.6 Mod Apk for Android (86.5 MB)

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