Critical Ops v0.8.1.f92 Apk Mod for Android

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Critical Ops v0.8.1.f92 Apk Mod for Android

Critical Ops v0.8.1.f92 Apk Mod for Android – With a closer acquaintance with the game it becomes clear that this is another clone of Counter Strike. Let’s see if Critical Ops can surprise us.

In order to enter the game menu, you must have an account in the “Play Games”. In the menu as it should, we can set the game settings to the desired value. But do not pull, click the “play” button and select the server to which we will connect.

Following the same steps as the traditional FPS for PCs, the game offers good old Terrorists fight against Counter-Terrorists, with the former trying to blow up a bomb at key points of the phase, while the second group needs to stop the action. Of course eliminating all members of the enemy team also gives the victory to the survivors.

Most of the game locations are designed for twenty participants – ten in each team. But there are also maps where you can play 5 to 5. Here you can see the arsenal of the game weapon by clicking on the icon with the ammo. The set of weapons is almost identical to what we saw in CS.

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I cling to the server with a map of the Plaza, I select the side of the counter-terrorists and start spying the enemy with bullets. The game interface is simple and straightforward. In the upper left corner of the screen is the scale of armor and health. Bronu, like in CS, you need to buy every round.

A little lower is the indicator of the number of cartridges and our money. Running and rotating the camera is done with two joysticks. The button for shooting, jumping, squatting and recharging – is difficult to get confused here. The graphics and the voice of the game are executed at a high level, in this respect, Critical Ops is not inferior to CS anything.

Critical Ops v0.8.1.f92 Apk Mod for Android (172 MB)

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