CSR Racing 2 Apk Mod v1.12.0 for Android


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CSR Racing 2 Apk Mod v1.12.0 for Android

CSR Racing 2 Apk Mod v1.12.0 for Android – This game offers the user the opportunity to try himself as a street racer. As in most games before the game starts, you should choose your car. Since in the pocket of our hero money is not so much we are forced to choose the most modest options available. After choosing a car, you can start the race.

Build a team with friends, adjust your car to maximize your potential and bet to humiliate real opponents. CSR 2 is brand new – get on the road now. CSR 2 will change what you thought possible for mobile devices. Running on a 2K resolution and using advanced rendering techniques, CSR 2 has the most beautiful and authentic cars of the day.

The gameplay of the game is slightly different from the popular counterparts, so, the user will have to watch the race from the side, while at the same time driving the car. Management has also changed, instead of accelerometers and buttons you will get by with tapas, since you do not have to taxi at all. Your task is to monitor the speed of the car and switch gears in time – this will require much more concentration than usual gadget slopes. Also, as in any other race, your goal is to cross the finish line first. In this case, you can collect all the winnings to yourself, but do not be sad if you lose – there is always the opportunity to replay.


CSR Racing 2 is the long-awaited continuation of the best drag racing, which sets a new bar in the graphics of the mobile gaming industry. Gather in your collection the best supercars of the world and pump them with hundreds of upgrade options. Go through a single company and prove to friends that you are faster in multiplayer mode.

In the intervals between races, it is necessary to pump your “swallow” so that it can still be a worthy competitor among the most tuned wheelbarrows. In the main menu, you can go to the section of the store, where you will find the most necessary parts and parts that will help improve the technical characteristics of the car. There you can also work on the appearance of the machine, to select dozens of different colors of colors, labels and graffiti.

The game CSR Racing 2 received a chic three-dimensional graphics with high-quality animation. During the game, a dynamic musical accompaniment sounds, which perfectly complements the gameplay.

CSR Racing 2 Apk Mod v1.12.0 for Android (980 MB)

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