Epic Battle Simulator 2 v1.2.15 Mod Apk for Android


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Epic Battle Simulator 2 v1.2.15 Mod Apk for Android

Epic Battle Simulator 2 v1.2.15 Mod Apk for Android – The gameplay practically from the first part has not changed: at each level we have to choose certain types of troops that will fit in this or that situation. Every gold coin is spent on hiring each unit, as soon as everything is used up – we begin the fight. Soldiers go to each other automatically and fight among themselves. If we win, we will get some number of precious crystals, and also at the next level we will have more coins.

Now you can fully improve your army, watch ragdoll effects and play in multiplayer mode, created just for you with advanced matchmaking algorithms. With improved graphics and improved bot intelligence, you can now experience ultimate battle simulations! – Ragdoll and Physical Effects! – advanced army placement! – Army upgrade up to three levels with awesome gear and status improvements! – Advanced multiplayer rating system for best matchmaking and custom leader board!

The variety of combat units is amazing: there are archers, musketeers, crossbowmen, gladiators, infantry, knights, guns, catapults, cavalry, battle elephants, giant, special elite warriors and many others. Victory will be in our hands if we can competently pick up troops against enemy troops.

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You probably want to know what has changed in the game compared to the first part of the Epic Battle Simulator. The most important thing is the updated physics, which now supports the rag-doll technology. This means that your soldiers will fly around the screen like rag dolls, which looks very funny and realistic. In the rest it is the same great simulator, designed for a single and multiplayer game, created for real strategists and tacticians.

Note that in the game there is also a multiplayer mode, where any of the players can display their tactical and strategic skills and earn a place in the overall ranking. Polygonal graphics has become even better than in the first part and looks very stylish. There were new special effects, animation of character movements became more realistic.

Epic Battle Simulator 2 v1.2.15 Mod Apk for Android (39.6 MB)

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