Family House v1.1.121 Mod Apk for Android

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Family House v1.1.121 Mod Apk for Android

Family House v1.1.121 Mod Apk for Android – In a huge abandoned house, a ghost lives. And, when a guest happens to be there, he tells his story about a family living in this mansion. Since then, many years have passed, during which the cast is terribly lonely. The ghost begs the stranger to settle into the house and start a family here. So the game begins. After creating the character, the ghost kindly shows how the house is arranged. He will constantly tell something about the housekeeping, give advice and just tell some stories.

A house you build and design; Full of life and charm. Keep your family in the game happy and they will pay you rent which you will use to enhance and expand your fancy home. The ultimate doll house! The virtual home for your real family! – Explore your real family history and educate your real family! – A garden whimsy to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers. Create amazing meals using your garden produce.

In the mansion there are a lot of rooms, but almost all of them need repair, and then in the furnishing of furniture and other fittings. In this regard, the game will enjoy a variety of things for the wardrobe and other utensils. Performing various quests, the player gradually raises his level and there is an opportunity to invite other relatives to the house. And you can get acquainted with neighbors and go to visit them.


Become the owner of a virtual home and settle in it your whole family! Each room is a unique place where you can change the interior and interact with different characters. Meet your parents, grandparents, children and sisters. Play, prepare food, have fun and grow flowers. Do your home as you would in real life!

Everything seems to be fine, but, as in many games, there is energy that is consumed for any actions in the house. And new rooms open only for crystals, the balance of which is replenished for raising the level or real money. But, in general, this does not prevent you from quietly settling down.

The game is made in a cartoon style with a good animation of the characters. And on the background there is a constant unobtrusive melody that just complements the process. Unfortunately, there is no translation into Russian, so the basic knowledge of English will be useful.

Family House v1.1.121 Mod Apk for Android (73.8 MB)

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