Hungry Shark World v2.2.0 Apk Mod for Android

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Hungry Shark World v2.2.0 Apk Mod for Android

Hungry Shark World v2.2.0 Apk Mod for Android – For sure there were no people who at least once in their lives did not play in the series of games Hungry Shark. Today we have the latest and possibly the final part of the simulator, which received new types of sharks, all the same simple management and the opportunity to eat delicious fish and people.

Survive as long as you can by devouring everything that gets in your way! FGOL is proud of the more than 250 million downloads of the most incredible series of shark games on mobile devices, to ensure you the best of the aquatic frenzy! • Console-quality 3D graphics • 17 shark species in 7 different size levels to collect. Play with sharks from the nimble Hammerhead to the classic Great White Shark!

Our adventure with new sharks will flow on a huge planet, which is filled with luxurious seas, tourists and edible fish. The goal of the game has not changed and we will also have to be engaged in feeding, first a small shark, actively moving around the sea and eating delicious fish, people, crabs, octopuses, turtles and avoiding collisions with larger sharks, jellyfish, electric rays, fish that can Inflict damage to our shark. Also, while driving, you can find a treasure box in which precious coins are hidden. Coins in turn can be spent on purchasing useful bonuses and various items, which in the future can be found in the ocean. But new types of sharks open exclusively for purple crystals, to earn, which is not so easy.

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Hungry Shark World is a long-awaited sequel to a series of games in which a hungry shark tries to survive by devouring everything around. Explore the ocean depths in search of new prey or steal on the surface, catching off birds or vacationers. But also remember the dangers that surround you from everywhere.

Manage the shark is also easy, as in the previous parts of the game. You can choose for yourself the most suitable way to place a floating joystick on the right or left side, and the attack is simply by tapping the screen anywhere. The shark has only two indicators: a strip with lives and with energy. The first will slowly decrease, and it will be replenished only after reinforcement by marine inhabitants, the second is wasted and is automatically restored only after pressing the screen, allowing the shark to gain acceleration and in a difficult situation not to die of hunger.

Hungry Shark World v2.2.0 Apk Mod for Android (397 MB)

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