Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game v1.9.171 Mod Apk for Android

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Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game v1.9.171 Mod Apk for Android

Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game v1.9.171 Mod Apk for Android – Launching the game us, a nice girl will greet you, which will tell you about the beginning of the championship, in which the most unusual robots fight with their unique abilities. First of all, we need to undergo a little training in the course, which we will learn how to beat and defend, and also to use various auxiliary bonuses, for example, first-aid kit.

After the training is completed, we will have to purchase our first combat robot. It will be the easiest, but sufficiently resistant to enemy strikes, so it is true combining the attacks and putting the block you can defeat opponents superior in size and strength.

Robot fighting game for Android which in game mechanics is little different from numerous analogs, but nevertheless developers managed to realize several game moments previously not found in such fighting games. The ability to create from scratch its own combat unit and as a result the unique tactics of combat, the wide geography of the location of arenas and competitions, the possibility of communication and interaction between players using social networks. It is worth noting and excellent graphics allowing you to fully enjoy the futuristic style of the game.

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Our journey will take place along a certain path, on which you will fight with a wide variety of enemies. At the moment of the battle, there will be three buttons on the screen, a left-foot and left-handed kick, similarly with the right foot and hand, and also blocking enemy strikes. If you can make a combination, you will inflict several times more damage to the enemy character. Each strike will replenish a special scale, which is responsible for performing a powerful attack. Try to use it in the most necessary cases, since it is with its help that you can carry the maximum amount of life to the opponent’s hero.

In addition to the story line in the game, there are additional missions in which we must fight by a random robot against an accidental character. Winning in the battles, you will earn the coins needed for the pumping abilities of our hero, as well as buying new steeper robots.

Graphically, the game is simply gorgeous, everything in the game is executed at the highest level, from character models to the special effects that you can observe throughout the game. As for music, it is only heard in the menu, since during the battles you will hear only the sounds of numerous beats.

Ironkill: Robot Fighting Game v1.9.171 Mod Apk for Android (73.6 MB)

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