Jungle Heat v2.0.4 APK Online for Android


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Jungle Heat v2.0.4 APK Online for Android

Jungle Heat v2.0.4 APK Online for Android – Tired of the strategies in which you only fight with a computer? Try the game – Jungle Heat in which you have to confront the armies of real people, in the best traditions of Clash of Clans.

To avoid being crushed immediately, developers are given immunity for 12 hours, during which time you must have time to create your own military base with guns and soldiers for defense.

Jungle Heat is a game about hot battles, military bases and wild jungles, based on the well-known Clash of Clans strategy for android, in which your task is to liberate natural resources by ripping them from the hands of bloodthirsty looters, strengthening the walls and erecting defenses.

To create more soldiers you will need to build dozens of barracks, and for their construction you must have reserves of minerals that do not accumulate as quickly as you would like, but to accelerate the accumulation process you can invade enemy lands and take all their accumulations.

To run the game Jungle Heat on your Android devices you will need a permanent connection to the Internet.

As in all development games in Jungle Heat, there is a donut, but it is not coerced, it is quite possible to play without it.

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Jungle Heat v2.0.4 APK Online for Android (77.6 MB)

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