Avakin Life v1.015.02 Mod Apk for Android


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Avakin Life v1.015.02 Mod Apk for Android


Avakin Life v1.015.02 Mod Apk for Android – The game begins with the customization of the character. The editor is far from one of The Sims, but still it allows you to change your hair, face, try on clothes and other accessories. The project in many ways is trying to be like Second Life, although it loses in overall scale. Users can communicate via chat, explore locations together, buy clothes and real estate. The initial money is enough to buy your own apartment, which you can equip with furniture, invite friends home.

Along with such a gigantic game as The Sims on android Avakin Life offers you to plunge into virtual reality, which is open to bold experiments and all your desires. You can create your own hero from scratch and equip him with unique features, dress him in all sorts of clothes, build your own house and create comfort and coziness in it, find like-minded people, go to entertainment venues and chat live in real time. Everything you do in real life you will do here, only with greater interest!

Is it fun to spend your time in the world of games? In many respects this depends on how quickly the company was found here. It is the social aspect that opens the project to the fullest. For acquaintances especially well approach public places, crowded with virtual people. The transition between the zones is carried out using the main menu, no open world is out of the question. There are many places: parks, clubs, beach. Even the North Pole is there. To adapt to the whole array of features that are present in the game, you have to spend some time.

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In the project a good three-dimensional schedule. Locations are small, but not badly detailed, there are a lot of objects. Interaction with objects is limited to sitting or lying down. Background music depends on the location in the game, but, as a rule, the melodies are calm, meditative. The interface is quite convenient, but it still takes some time to master it. The application runs smoothly. There is a translation.

Avakin Life v1.015.02 Mod Apk for Android (100.5 MB)

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