Bloons TD 5 v3.10 Apk Mod for Android

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Bloons TD 5 v3.10 Apk Mod for Android

Bloons TD 5 v3.10 Apk Mod for Android – The plot has no game, but the gameplay will not make you miss. In total there are several modes in the game: a company, a joint game, an odyssey, random tasks, daily tests and special assignments. The first two modes will be available to you from the very beginning, and to open all the rest you will earn 20 rank.

Continuation of one of the most popular games from the tower defense series. In the new part of the game, the developers retained the classic gameplay, so beloved by the players and of course the characters. You again have to stand on the side of monkeys and try not to miss the balloons, using for this purpose the appropriate means of darts, needles and much more. In Bloons TD 5, the creators added many new game elements such game modes, random tasks, achievements, new development branches and much more. It is worth noting the presence of a game with a high level of complexity that is suitable only for fans of the genre.

When choosing the level of the game it is necessary to indicate its complexity, and the complexity will depend on the reward, the more difficult, the more money you will receive for the passage of the location. Once you get to the playing field, you can immediately begin to purchase new battle towers, which must be installed on the playing field to destroy enemy flying balls. By destroying the balls you will receive the money that is needed to buy new towers and improve old ones. At first we will have the simplest monkey, who throws darts into balls, then opens a hairpin, which shoots in all directions and several times faster. All turrets can be improved, and each monkey has several stages of development.

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As for the opponents, first you will be confronted with red balls, which are destroyed from one shot, then blue balls appear and green ones, they have several degrees of protection, so it takes a little more time to destroy them than usual. There are also yellow balls in the game, which are several times larger and faster than ordinary balls. For greater efficiency, set up road spikes that can hit up to 10 balls at a time.

Build impressive towers, pick your favorite upgrades, hire new special legal agents and pop up the latest Bloon invading the best ever version of the most popular defense series ever. Offering a New Tower Suite and Special Agent, glorious high resolution graphics , Original tracks and Special Missions, a whole new line of Specialties building upgrades, and a never-before-seen monkey lab to upgrade your towers, Bloons TD 5 provides hours of fun and challenging gameplay for fans and new players alike.

Install turrets can be in a variety of places, so the developers were able to save the tactical component, which can not but rejoice. Save money, arrange defensive towers, kill enemies and do everything to ensure that the level is considered passed.

Nice and very bright graphics with a good terrain and unique locations, each of which has its own characteristics. Animation is smooth, and the presence of effects makes the already dynamic gameplay accelerated. The music is present in the game, but you do not notice it, because only the sounds of bursting balls are heard.

Bloons TD 5 v3.10 Apk Mod for Android (86.7 MB)

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