Brutal Street 2 v0.9.6 Apk for Android

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Brutal Street 2 v0.9.6 Apk for Android

Brutal Street 2 v0.9.6 Apk for Android – In the process of passing the user will have to assemble an invincible gang, which will be able to take control of the city. The path to this is by no means short, but the goal is worth the effort. Initially, there is only one protagonist, similar to the boxer, but eventually the player will have the opportunity to expand his grouping to eight participants.

After 5 years of waiting, the steep gangster battles are back! We guarantee that this game will revive the nostalgic memories and allow you to survive all those classic arcade games on which you grew up! From Hong Kong to the US you are waiting for endless street battles! It’s time to get together – all 8 heroes are ready for action! Combine among hundreds of skills, combat techniques, weapons and the interaction of your characters.

Heroes have unique abilities and techniques of fighting. For example, a character whose appearance is clearly copied from Leon of the same movie, shoots well and can kill the foe with a single bullet, and a pretty barmaid heals health through glasses with beer.

Fight on the street! Face varies from enemies! Defeat them and take all your territories! Boxer, Barmaid, Top Gunner, Tachi, Tamer, KungFu, Punk and Vampire, choose 4 of them, update them! A stronger gang is rising. Drive your gang to conquer 60 locations in 5 blocks. See who will be the last survivor of Brutal Street !! – Incredible graphics and smooth animations. – Fantastic combat actions of the characorts! Smash, Bust, Slash … Enjoy crushing your enemies! Build your own gang! Form the best team using your 8 different gang members. – Beautiful battle effect of hundreds of personal skills. Train heroes in different ways.


Missions are held at arena levels. Locations are common for this setting – gateways, abandoned houses and factories. The goal of most missions is to kill all enemies. For the speed of passage and the amount of damage the player receives a rating. The points obtained allow you to buy upgrades and items for heroes.

Urban landscapes of a decaying city are atmospheric transmitted through 2D graphics. Also worth noting is the excellent character design. The musical accompaniment of the militant consists of a rock composition. Also there are well-executed sound effects. There are no claims to the technical side of the application. The project is not translated into Russian.

Brutal Street 2 v0.9.6 Apk for Android (169 MB)

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