Drive Ahead! v1.55 Apk Mod for Android

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Drive Ahead! v1.55 Apk Mod for Android

Drive Ahead! v1.55 Apk Mod for Android – The game provides an opportunity to participate in battles on an improvised and rather unusual arena. Before you start it is worth choosing – to play one or the other, as on one phone, and on Wi-Fi, which is already a big plus. After all, it’s great to increase the variety and fun of the gameplay.

After choosing the number of gamers it is necessary to deal with the type, there are three of them: the classic, the task and the king of the mountain.

Racing, arcade, action … How about to combine these three genres? Sit behind the wheel and break your car ramming the enemy. Destroy his wheelbarrow, earn points and win fast, steep, dynamic and fun races. You can even play with your friend on one device! And of course, to open new cars, so that the game was always interesting.

After choosing a type, you need to configure some of the components of the match, such as the machine for the user and the rival, as well as the arena. Fortunately, you can not bother and make all these parameters random.

The goal in the Classic is to score five points or, more simply, five times to smash the enemy’s head with your vehicle. It is very easy to operate the machine here – there are only two buttons with arrows on the screen, which are responsible for acceleration in the corresponding direction.

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The arenas are quite unusual in shape, equipped with various obstacles, so it’s worth considering your actions. In this case, each round they will change, in fact, like the machines. The player must try at all costs to turn the car’s opponent or hit him on the head, only then he is counted a point – one step closer to victory.

Here everything is simple – a large list of job card sets opens in the pop-up menu, for example, when passing the first job from the set, you will be given access to the next one, etc. For successful passing, gold coins are issued, which can then be spent in a local casino and win any new car or skins for the rider (purely cosmetic improvements).

A fairly difficult mode for a beginner. Here it is necessary to save as long as possible the head of its rider intact and safe and destroy the enemies appearing one after another, trying to set a new record.

Some might think that in a game of this type, you can just lie back and wait until the artificial intelligence “dulls” and makes a mistake, and then attack it and get the long-awaited victory. However, it does not work out that way – after passing the n-th number of seconds the arena starts to fill with water, and the first car, which has appeared in the water, is considered a loser. In addition to the flood, sometimes on the arena go giant saws, which act on a similar principle.

Play “Drive Ahead!” In 4 game modes. Face your friends on the same handset or two handsets using a wi-fi connection! Explore the racing stages on individual missions to receive multiple rewards! How long will you be able to master the “King of the Hill” arenas? Share your best replays from this stadium, maybe it will be featured for all players! Will you become the next celebrity on Drive Ahead?

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Instead of a standard garage in the project, the collection is presented, which is replenished due to the passage of tasks and other gaming activities. Here the player will increase the number of cars and arenas falling out in rounds. Also there are skins and other trifles. To collect all available content will have to try.

The visual component is excellent – graphics performed in the spirit of 16 bit and sustained in one style, the artists worked on the glory. Optimization also did not disappoint – the game will quickly and smoothly work even on the weakest Android devices.

Drive Ahead – great entertainment for one player, and for two. The constant change of arenas and cars even in one round brings a proper variety, from which the gameplay does not bother.

Drive Ahead! v1.55 Apk Mod for Android (88.5 MB)

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