Framed v1.3.3 Apk FULL Mod for Android

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Framed v1.3.3 Apk FULL Mod for Android

Framed v1.3.3 Apk FULL Mod for Android – The game is an interactive noir-puzzle where we act as a secret agent. The whole game process consists of a set of scenes, which must be arranged in the correct order. Having made a certain arrangement, the narrative comes to an alternative ending. To change the position of the frames, they must be dragged with the help of the finger on the screen, creating a kind of mosaic. If the order of frames is incorrect, the hero can die, but each scene is replayed without problems. It’s nice that the project tries to tell the original story, rather than complicate the life of the player with a complex passage.

Framed is a puzzle game that won in more than 25 nominations of the most prestigious indie games contests. It uses a unique gameplay. Your task is to save the life of the protagonist and prevent him from falling into the hands of the police, moving locations and arranging them in the right order. The game has a nice graphics and atmospheric soundtrack.

The game has stylish graphics, stylized as a noir comic. The animation of the characters is done manually and looks very realistic. The musical accompaniment of the game surprises with the beauty of the sound. The compositions were created specially for Framed and fit the general style of what is happening. The application is very well optimized and downloaded on Google Play only for a fee, because the player will not be distracted by anything from the contemplation of events on the screen.

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As a result, we received a project with a lot of interesting ideas, simple management and a story in the style of “Catch Me If You Can.” Original compositions complement the atmosphere of what is happening. I would like more complex problems and situations, but in this case the narrative might not be so holistic. Lovers of interesting detective stories with a lot of intriguing situations are recommended.

Framed v1.3.3 Apk FULL Mod for Android (344 MB)

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