Guns, Cars, Zombies v1.2.1.4 Mod Apk for Android

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Guns, Cars, Zombies v1.2.1.4 Mod Apk for Android

Guns, Cars, Zombies v1.2.1.4 Mod Apk for Android – The main hero of the game is a mother racer, who turned out to be in the very center of the zombie apocalypse. In search of an exit from this situation, the driver tries to cross the content, incidentally crushing and destroying the hordes of undead. At the disposal of the character is a garage with a powerful car, all kinds of weapons and upgrades.

How to pass a boring evening or free time? You can read a book, learn the latest news from the Internet, chat with friends, or you can crush a hundred or two zombies, ride a muscle-car and shoot from a stationary machine gun! We think that the choice is obvious. Rather, download the game and sit down at the wheel of a huge iron monster. Fasten on its body spikes, saws and metal bumpers. Install a couple of machine guns and go to the suburban highway. Played in Zombie Road? Similarly, you have to go at great speed, dodge obstacles, destroy the walking dead.

The game mechanics with its features resemble a typical runner, where acceleration occurs automatically, and the user only needs to evade and turn in time by pressing the virtual buttons. Levels in the arcade are linear and executed in the form of a route where you need to shoot down zombies and collect bonuses. The goal of passing the stages is to collect enough points, as well as perform other tasks.

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• intense gameplay with dazzling visuals and sounds to give the experience more realistic • Customize cars with mortal parts to create a unique vehicle • Collect and upgrade weapons to be more powerful • Improve armor, fuel and car guns to get rid of Zombies • Drive in a post-apocalyptic desert consisting of deserts, tunnels, towns, mountains and forests • 150 missions to complete • special game modes like Challenge, Stamina, Turret and Explorer • Tons of content! 5 vehicles, 120 pieces of shirts, 9 weapons, 6 types of zombies, 5 locations, 12 avatars, 80 achievements, 150 missions, 4 game modes, tables and statistics.

The graphic component of the project looks nice enough, but it can not be called outstanding. The design of the environment and cars are directly taken from “Mad Max” and other similar films. Most stages take place in desert locations. There are also levels where you have to travel along the streets of the city. The musical accompaniment consists of quite “heavy” tracks, and the sound effects are juicy and loud. Monologues of the main character during the screensavers are announced, but not translated into Russian. The rest of the content, including the menu, is not localized.

Guns, Cars, Zombies v1.2.1.4 Mod Apk for Android (210 MB)

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