Mobile Legends Bang bang v1.2.07.1842 Apk Mod for Android

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Mobile Legends Bang bang v1.2.07.1842 Apk Mod for Android

Mobile Legends Bang bang v1.2.07.1842 Apk Mod for Android – The project is an excellent alternative to LoL and DOTA, which, as is known, is not available on mobile devices. The game almost literally repeats the features of the above-mentioned hits, allowing you to fight in the command mode, where on each side there are five participants on one of the available cards.

Using magic and tactical abilities, rivals must displace from the strength of the enemy, capturing key points. The main thing in this deadly battle is the quick and precise interaction of comrades controlled by real users. It is interesting that the game will not allow the team to remain in the minority, even if one of the users lost their connection to the Internet. In this case, the hero, previously in the hands of the user, will move to the AI.

A new mobile arena 5 to 5. What is a team game? This is when allies understand you with a word floor, when the necessary heroes earn gold, and the heroes of support provide a reliable rear. When battles of 5 to 5 are in your favor, and morale can not be broken by any defeat. If you know these feelings and you consider yourself a suitable candidate for a new team – welcome to the new online RPG! Here there is a place for forest creeps, destruction of towers, and unique heroes with a variety of our abilities.

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The control system uses a virtual stick located at the bottom left and responsible for the movement of the hero, as well as buttons that can be found on the right. The latter are responsible for the use of special abilities of heroes, summoning allies, buying skills and other moments. Experience and money, as in games on the PC, is mostly obtained from mini-bosses located between the main directions for attacks.

The graphic component of the project is made in 3D. The image looks very modern, even if it repeats the style of other famous MOBA. The design of the characters, too, can not be called unique, but some types have turned out to be memorable for artists. The musical compositions are epic, and the sound effects are performed at a high level. There are no claims for optimization either. There is quite a qualitative localization.

Mobile Legends Bang bang v1.2.07.1842 Apk Mod for Android (99 MB)

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