Pixel Gun 3D v12.5.1 APK Mod for Android


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Pixel Gun 3D v12.5.1 APK Mod for Android

Pixel Gun 3D v12.5.1 APK Mod for Android – The network mode in Pixel Gun 3D includes a lot of different battles: team battle, against all, survival, capture the flag, capture the point. We run around in different locations and destroy enemies, hurling grenades in them and using automatic weapons, sniper rifles, rocket launchers and other deadly weapons.

If you like a classic sandbox called Minecraft, then try a shooter in the original Minecraft style and the gameplay of Counter Strike. The game offers you multiplayer battles in the Deadmatch mode. & Nbsp; You yourself can create and customize your own character and send it to the battlefield. Among the weapons you can use such samples as AK-47, M16, Desert Eagle, pistol, uzi, shotgun and other combat equipment.Your battles will take place on huge maps, among which there are such famous places as: Silent Hill School, Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Prison

Separately, it is worth mentioning about the “Survival” mode here on one of the many maps together with other players we will fend off the hordes of computer opponents, covering each other. For example, the locations are simply magnificent and familiar to many players. For example, “A terrible pizzeria” is a reference to the FNAF, and walking fortresses are nothing more than walkers from Star Wars. And there are more than 30 such cards.

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MULTIPLAYER Multiplayer mode benefits: • WORLDWIDE and local. • Unique maps of various shapes and sizes. • Varied armament. • Up to 8 players in a game. • Chat is available! Talk to friends in the battle! • Several online modes: Classic Death Game, Mortal Games, Team Battle, Capture the Flag, Survival of Time. Pixel Gun 3D is a most popular multi-player fps for android!

The Campaign mode applies to Pixel Gun 3D to mini-games and is available from the very beginning. Here we have a long way to go, saving the world from the invasion of zombies. Waking up on the farm and armed with a shotgun, we go to clear the area from the foes. After the death of all enemies, the Boss appears, who is also easy to fill up and receive a well-deserved reward.

Pixel Gun 3D v12.5.1 APK Mod for Android (535 MB)

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