Planet Commander v1.3 Mod Apk for Android

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Planet Commander v1.3 Mod Apk for Android

Planet Commander v1.3 Mod Apk for Android – At the moment, only one mode is available in the game – Team battle. We have in our possession two ships – the Hunter and the Star Wolf. We press the button “In battle” and move to an unknown planet, where there is a confrontation between the two factions.

One of the few space shooters where the player is allowed to take control of the ship entirely and completely. At his disposal there are 4 unique classes and more than 10 ships, thanks to which the player will be able to pick up the ideal tactics for himself and stick to the necessary strategy. Want to quickly destroy the enemy and maneuver between the exploding shells? You are welcome. Do not want to move much and prefer to absorb all the damage into yourself, remaining unharmed? It can be arranged. You decide how and with whom to fight!

Our task, when controlling the ship, is to destroy as many enemy space ships as possible. To do this, we fly up to the distance of the shot, direct the sight, and most of the ship’s guns start to fire automatically. Although the activation of certain weapons, for example, missiles, it is necessary to produce manually. If we are annihilated, choose the next ship and continue the battle. When all the ships are destroyed, and in battle we can take a maximum of 5, then we will return to the hangar and receive a reward depending on our exploits.

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Earned credits can be spent on the purchase of new modules, gadgets and other “priblud” for your ship. Laser turrets, homing missiles, shields and other gadgets make it possible to turn a ship into an invincible flying fortress.

In the game, you play the role of a captain of a spaceship. At first, you’ll manage a small ship, but as your character develops, you’ll reach the battleships and super-heavy ships. Fight against real opponents in an online game and develop your fleet. The galaxy and space needs a commander like you! Become a Space Legend! More than 10 spaceships to choose from for combat, applying different tactics. – High quality three-dimensional graphics, fully compatible with the latest technology in the mobile market.

The smart image quality in the Planet Commander is a real delight. Even on the minimum settings of the graphics is better than in most games on the android, and at maxima – it’s generally something. Realistic voice, a great sound – in front of us is really a top-notch project!

Planet Commander v1.3 Mod Apk for Android (93.9 MB)

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