Resident Evil 4 v1.01.01 Mod Apk FULL for Android

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Resident Evil 4 v1.01.01 Mod Apk FULL for Android

Resident Evil 4 v1.01.01 Mod Apk FULL for Android – Mobile is the most famous and addictive horror game that is now available for android. This version is almost no different from the original: the story line is completely preserved, the gameplay is absolutely the same, the same enemies. The only thing that was removed – video clips, because with them the game would take up a lot of space.

The fourth part of Resident Evil takes place in 2004, six years after the events of the second part. Leon Scott Kennedy, a government agent, was sent on a mission to Europe. Ashley Graham, the daughter of the US President, kidnapped by a mysterious cult, is to be saved. Traveling to a village village in Spain turns into a meeting with her bloodthirsty inhabitants.

The plot of the game tells of Leon Kennedy, who goes to a village in which strange things happen: the inhabitants went crazy, people disappear, many corpses. And in all this, you also have to take part: a huge number of levels, a lot of bosses, a lot of weapons, a lot of secrets, the ability to create and improve weapons. The graphics in the game remained the same: gray tones, with a lot of black and brown, heavy music and a lot of unexpected situations.

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Since the first title and each new release, the series has been adding new fans and new fronts of action. What was initially restricted to the Playstation and computers, today is also present in the consoles of Nintendo and Microsoft, not forgetting the Apple iPhone and now Google’s Android. When starting a new game, you have to choose your difficulty. Each level will bring weaker or stronger enemies, more or less numerous on the screen. There are five levels of difficulty, from the weakest to the most intense – the Nightmare. Like any mobile game, the pocket version of Resident Evil 4 has on-screen virtual commands. The first command, which looks like an analog, causes Leon to move around the free-form scenario.

If you have not played this game on other platforms, then do not miss it now, for this is the best horror of all time! When you first start the game will download the cache, so do not be scared and better prepare a wi-fi point. From myself: The game reminded me of old times, the gameplay is simply magnificent, already the story.

Resident Evil 4 v1.01.01 Mod Apk FULL for Android (78.3 MB)

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