Hitman: Sniper v1.7.96401 Apk Mod for Android


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Hitman: Sniper v1.7.96401 Apk Mod for Android

Hitman: Sniper v1.7.96401 Apk Mod for Android – There is no plot in the game, and in principle can not be. Acting as a secret Agent 47, we must carry out tasks related to the elimination of various people, to earn money on this, to open new types of weapons and to increase our own skills directly in the gameplay itself.

Feel yourself in the shoes of the legendary Agent 47 in this fascinating sniper simulator, whose action takes place in colorful Montenegro. Take quests and perform various tasks to eliminate especially dangerous criminals, demonstrating skill, invisibility in natural conditions. Collect weapons to create new rifles.

The first mission you have to accomplish is to kill one very important person with an accurate shot in the head. In fact, the first mission is training in it tell us exactly how to aim, where to press to shoot and what to do in critical situations. Killing the enemy mission will be passed, and you will receive a reward and will be able to start the next contract. Your next target will be a girl, but in addition to the main mission there will be additional ones that offer us to score a certain number of points and kill several enemies with an accurate shot to the head. Well, about the main goal should not be forgotten. Also do not forget about the time, which will be limited and if you do not have time for the allotted minutes, then the contract with you will be terminated and you will have to start everything from the very beginning.

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ZUMBI CHALLENGE MODE – Get ready for uninterrupted action in a difficult test of accuracy and speed of execution. MORE THAN 150 MISSIONS AND 11 DIFFERENT TARGETS – Enhance your tactics for perfect murder by discovering secrets and new opportunities. 17 WEAPONS WITH UNIQUE SKILLS – Eliminate targets, collect weapon parts, and complete projects to unlock the most powerful weapons. COMPETITION AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS AND LEAD THE LEADERS ‘PLACE – Improve your score to climb to the top and become the world’s best silent killer.

Not to say that there are a lot of weapons in the game, but still it is, and since we are a sniper, our main weapon will be a sniper rifle, a kind that is simply amazing, and not everything can be obtained for money. All weapons in the game improves, and if you first pay a small amount, the farther you go, the harder it will be to pump it. We also have three basic sniper abilities: the instinct, through which you will see through the walls for 5 seconds, increased damage, allows you to kill the enemy, even if you get into the chest and iron lungs, allowing you to hold your breath for 30 seconds. It is noteworthy that for each rifle the abilities will be different.

Management is simple and you can even say a classic for games of this kind. Clicking on the sight, we’ll look through it, then using svaypov need to aim at the target and, clicking on the sight to make a shot (if desired, the shot button is included in the game settings). To reload, you need to click on the button on the left side of the display, and the recharging process itself is not automatic, but is represented in the form of svaypov.

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If the gameplay for many seem the same, then the graphics part is impressive. Three-dimensional models of characters, and they all differ from each other. Realistic physics and good animation. The music in the game is pleasant, and the sound effects are completely suitable for such a game.

Hitman: Sniper v1.7.96401 Apk Mod for Android (657 MB)

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