Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.2.0.25 Mod Apk for Android


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Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.2.0.25 Mod Apk for Android

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.2.0.25 Mod Apk for Android – the best “sandbox” with a billion fans all over the world: create your own world and live by your own rules! We can download the full version of the game or mod, a collection of skins and useful programs for a more comfortable game without viruses and registration.

Minecraft is a truly fascinating game in the genre of “sandbox”, the action of which takes place in an open world, created from various blocks, where you, managing the main character, must survive, doing nothing else than crafting (crafting).

The game has two main modes: survival – the first of them. Selecting the appearance of your character, we appear in a randomly generated world, the parameters of which we ask at the beginning of the game.

Surprisingly, the very game Minecraft, was developed only a week, but for a long time arrived at the stage of alpha and beta testing, after which on November 17, 2011 it was officially presented to the public and ported to almost all known game platforms.

The world of the maincrack where you arrive is endless and consists of different blocks, whether it be trees, stones or various minerals. And it is in them lies the whole potential of the game. By combining the various blocks in the game of maincraft for android, you can thereby create new blocks, elements of everyday life, weapons and even a different kind of technique. All this is recreated with only one goal – to develop and, most importantly, to survive.

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You have to explore a huge endless location, extract resources and food, as well as fight with deadly mobs that go out hunting at night.

If you are a creative person, if you are able to translate your fantasies into the arrangement of your own worlds and like to spend time for truly fascinating games, then you simply have to download the maincraft for android.

Currently, Maincraft supports 4 game modes: Creative (creative), Hardcore (Hardcore), Survival (Survival) and Adventure mode – Adventure

The most beloved by the players is the survival mode, where you have to independently extract all sorts of resources found in the vastness of your world, from which, as mentioned earlier, you can build and receive more complex blocks and elements. Also in this mode, at night, there are your enemies – monsters, spiders, skeletons and, of course, creepers. And if you have not had time to build yourself any weapons, then the only solution is to build a shelter.

We cut trees, extract stone, coal, sand and other construction materials, and then build a real house or even a fortress with them, in which evil spiders and zombies will not reach us. From animal skins, create armor, cook meat to replenish the health of the character.

In the creative mode, you do not need to worry about food and fear of enemies – here you fulfill the role of God, who can create a world of blocks, inhabiting it with animals, terraforming the terrain, etc. For creative individuals – this is a real discovery and an opportunity to show their hidden abilities.

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Play in Creative mode with unlimited resources, or deep down in Survival mode, building weapons and armor to defend yourself from dangerous creatures. Build, build and explore, alone or with friends or on mobile devices. Build, explore, and survive on the move with Minecraft: Pocket Edition. Build, create and explore anywhere in the world – you just need to have your hands free and battery to spare. Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer on the local Wi-Fi network.

One can not help saying that Maincraft also has a network mode. Here you can play a couple with your friends, teaming up in clans and increasing your chances of survival.

Minecraft Pocket Edition v1.2.0.25 Mod Apk for Android (81.6 MB)

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