Racing Rivals v6.4.2 APK Mod for Android

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Racing Rivals v6.4.2 APK Mod for Android

Racing Rivals v6.4.2 APK Mod for Android – Drag racing, if you suddenly do not know, it’s a race in a straight line, where the main goal is to overtake the opponent. A chip of such races in the correct switching of speeds. This is what you will be doing, and the most interesting is that the game is designed primarily for online races with real players, which makes it even more interesting!

Racing Rivals Apk Racing in real time at your fingertips. Challenge or receive challenges in real time in the waiting rooms of the game, with replays and chat. Use your skill to win the bets or you’ll lose money or the car! The stakes are high and the stakes are real. Do you have what it takes?

Racing Rivals for android smartphones and tabletsWhat is remarkable, the game Racing Rivals are played by users of android devices and users of iOS devices. In the game you are waiting for several game modes: career, racing on the same machines, “team races”.

Racing game in the style of drag racing, despite the fact that the mobile platform a huge number of games in this series, yet the new creation of the studio Cie Games worthy of attention. In the game, excellent graphics and animation, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of cars, it should be noted that all cars are licensed models, realistic physics and ample opportunities for tuning. But the main feature of the game is the bias towards social communication, you will have the opportunity to create whole teams and participate in group races, competing with other players you will be able to bet on the results of the race.


Racing Rival races on androidOdelnogo attention is a system of improvements and upgrades! For each race you win, you will receive money that is reasonable to spend on new machines or improvement already available. You can improve everything: from the appearance of the car and spoilers, ending with the professional details for the engine. Each improvement will affect just a few characteristics of the car, thereby giving you a wide selection of different styles of play.

WEEKLY EVENTS! “Does your team have a look at the Territory Wars?” Races in weekly competitions to control cities, jewelry and bonuses! Exclusive awards mean unique cars with unique looks. LICENSED OFFICIAL CARS – Racing Rivals features an immense collection of licensed cars from exotic to American Muscles. The licenses include McLaren, Subaru, Dodge, Mitsubishi, Ford, RWB, Scion, BMW, Acura and SRT, and has more coming! REGULE, BETTER AND CUSTOMIZE – Find the ideal spot for your car by using hundreds of performance parts in thousands of combinations.

But keep in mind, if you only improve the machine’s power, the wear rate of its parts will increase, so you will have to spend more on repairs!

Racing Rivals v6.4.2 APK Mod for Android (66.1 MB)

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