Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter v1.0.2 Mod Apk for Android


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Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter v1.0.2 Mod Apk for Android

Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter v1.0.2 Mod Apk for Android – First we need to choose our own hero. Each of the characters has its own characteristics and skills. It is necessary to rely on these indicators and make your own choice. Depending on the character chosen by us, tactics and fighting will vary. For example, soldiers are well armed and have strong armor. In the future, all weapons and armor can be changed, bought for money or found during the trip.

Discover the exciting action and adventure in your pocket. With over 50 million downloads worldwide, Taichi Panda is only warming up in the Top Charts ranking in China, Japan, USA, Korea, Taiwan, and more! Check out the next great sensation of the game and free your fighter Taichi Panda inside!

Also, do not forget about the assistants of the characters who will attack the enemies themselves, thereby helping us in this not an easy matter. The battles will take place in certain areas, which can not be overcome until all the monsters are destroyed. Moving in the game is done with the joystick located on the left side of the display, and all strokes and super-moves can be performed by clicking on a certain button on the right side of the screen.


Many will join the fight, but will you be strong enough to rule the earth? Battle through dungeons, deserts and diverse terrain in a hack ‘n slash action adventure. Master one of 5 distinct classes to defeat enemies and become the ultimate Overlord of Avzar! Build a powerful hero through strength and cunning in an RPG adventure! Collect and upgrade gear, skills, pets and mounts to increase your power and unlock your inner potential. Only the strong and bright can conquer, will you have what it takes?

In general, that’s all, to say, something else about the gameplay is extremely difficult, since it is more like a slasher – to roam around locations and kill enemies using superstars and various spells.

Take control of a wide variety of unique and powerful heroes with Taichi Panda: Hero’s innovative multi-character system. Gather your forces and choose your team to enter the field, fighting through endless hordes and abominable animals to enjoy the day. Mix and match your heroes and change your main character to suit your strategy. Many wonders was hidden across the continent, waiting for heroes to discover them! Venture into the unknown and confront the terrors that inhabit within to discover riches, treasures and glory in a large-scale open-world game.

Graphics was able to surprise and, first of all, quality locations, each of which is unique in its own way, character models were also able to please, and effects and animation give the game a dynamic. The musical accompaniment and sound effects are performed at the proper level, to match the slashers.

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Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter v1.0.2 Mod Apk for Android (26.6 MB)

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