AdVenture Capitalist Apk v5.4.1 Mod Money for Android

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AdVenture Capitalist Apk v5.4.1 Mod Money for Android

AdVenture Capitalist Apk v5.4.1 Mod Money for Android – A game that perfectly combines the elements of the arcade and the economic simulator, in which we will play not the last role. It’s unclear why, but the game drags on literally from the first minutes, perhaps its simplicity affects players so much, and can really have quality gameplay. Whatever it was, the game is worth a try, even if you do not like economic simulators.

Everyone who has ever dreamed of becoming rich can fulfill their dreams right now. The game offers us to start our own business, selling delicious lemonade, then spread the newspaper and eventually become the owner of oil rigs and get on the list of the richest people on the planet, but until this point will have to make a lot of efforts. We will have before us a huge list of the work that we will be doing throughout the game process. First we sell lemonade, after the newspaper, my cars and so on under the list. The more money we earn now, the less we will work in the future. Click on the desired category, we will earn a certain amount of dollars that will go into the development of our subsequent business, which is an integral part of the business, because without the investment there are no results.

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Create your fortune, starting with the sale of lemons and newspapers and ending with the construction of your own oil campaign and the purchase of a hockey team. And to make it is not as difficult as it may seem! All you need is tap on the buttons in the spirit of classic clickers such as CivCrafter and Tap Heroes. When you earn a fortune, you can buy new types of business, improve them, hire managers for automatic work and much more. Studio Kongregate is known to us thanks to Lionheart Tactic and Endless Boss Fighting, as well as many computer flash games.

Game mechanics first of all reminds us of taperers in which except to press nothing more, no, of course, we will pump the cost of one click, and in the future we will be able to completely automate our work, but the essence of this will not change at all. The ultimate goal as such in the game is not, even after the opening of all categories of earnings the game does not end, and money continues to flow into our virtual pocket.

To praise or vice versa to complain about the graphic part of the game is very difficult, because apart from text information and small drawing inserts in the game there is absolutely nothing. But the musical part could pleasantly surprise and even please, music does not distract, but rather wakes us to action.

AdVenture Capitalist Apk v5.4.1 Mod Money for Android (30.84 MB)

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