Alien Creeps TD v2.16.1 Apk Mod Money for Android

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Alien Creeps TD v2.16.1 Apk Mod Money for Android

Alien Creeps TD v2.16.1 Apk Mod Money for Android – The game unfolds quite a classic story, judging by which the Earth is again attacked by aliens, who decided that they can cope with the army of well-armed soldiers. We must prove to them the reverse using all available weapons and heroes who will bravely fight for their country and civilians.

Alien Creeps TD a strategic game from the genre of defense towers in which your shoulders will be a huge responsibility, namely to protect the Earth and all the inhabitants of the planet from destruction. And you will be opposed by alien invaders, with high-tech equipment and weapons, and what is even more dangerous with obviously not friendly intentions. You are waiting for dynamic battles in the epic style, hordes of enemies, brave heroes, dozens of types of towers and ample opportunities for improvement and development. Alien Creeps TD – one of the brightest representatives of the genre of Tower Defense that all fans of the genre should try, without any exceptions.

The first thing you need to go through a little training. Here you have to protect the city from the invasion of extraterrestrial beings. To this end, we will use a variety of facilities, ranging from machine-gun calculations to missile systems, which will hit any enemies without allowing them to enter the territory of civilians.

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All the actions in the game are carried out with simple clicks on the screen. Choose a gun, then the weapon that we want to use and buy it. The hero is also very easy to control: he automatically attacks only to move him to a hot spot and follow the indications of health so that he does not die. Destroying creatures, you will receive the coins needed to improve your weapons.

Hit and buck those sneakers with the mighty towers! Grind them with sturdy infantry units and armed heroes! Electrocute with the supercharged Tesla Tower! Upgrade your weapons, plan your strategy and get ready for action! 50 explosive levels – Defend Earth with electrifying free-tower defense action – Take on the challenge and perfect your strategy with 3 vibrant game modes – Deploy your Heroes and Infantry on a number of different terrains – Create the best defense with a range of devastating towers – Unlock new towers and powerful abilities to aid in your defense.

The enemies will advance in waves, so you must correctly place the defenses and start the battle. In addition to the usual turrets in the game, there are pleasant auxiliary bonuses, for example, a helicopter with helpers who will fight with you and sometimes victory depends on them. Equally useful bonus is the air attack of the fighter, which flies over the specified point and drops the missiles at the enemies. Last bonuses are free, but for their use you will have to wait a certain time.

Nice drawing with lots of beautiful effects and a variety of locations, nothing else for games of this kind is not required. Music is audible only in the main menu of the game, since during the battles you will only hear shots from all guns.

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Alien Creeps TD v2.16.1 Apk Mod Money for Android (88.57 MB)

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