Brave Frontier Apk v1.8.31.0 for Android (Mega Mod Money)

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Brave Frontier Apk v1.8.31.0 for Android (Mega Mod Money)

Brave Frontier Apk v1.8.31.0 for Android (Mega Mod Money) – In the center of history – a hero who seeks to cleanse the world of evil. That’s just what kind of hero and how he will do it – your task! Choose one of the 4 heroes who have different looks, elements and characteristics. These can be wars of fire, water, earth or lightning. Fight side by side with your pets (bought, captured or won), which also have their own elements. Each element is strong against one and weak against the other. So for example, fire will cause additional damage to the ground, which in turn will do extra damage. lightning damage. Darkness and light are weak and strong at the same time.

Brave Frontier Apk is a turn-based RPG game that reimagines the whole concept of games of the genre, especially in the traditionally Japanese style. Use your invoker powers to summon the spirits of legendary warriors and powerful monsters to save the world.

Fights are step-by-step actions in the spirit of Final Fantasy choose which enemy to attack and who to attack. & Nbsp; If the Brave Burst strip is filled, it means it’s time to use a super blow. Hold your finger on the hero’s icon and drag it to the battlefield to attack. Everything is very simple, but at the same time very effective.


In the title, you enter the role of a young summoner who is chosen by a powerful god to end the threat of four evil deities willing to end mankind, which are scattered throughout the world of Grand Gaia. In addition to the Quests mode, the game features other areas with single player content. At Vortex Gate, you’ll find special missions, limited-duration events, and specific tasks each day of the week, through which you can obtain evolutionary materials for your team and items that can be equipped by your warriors to make them stronger .

New animals and equipment have been added. These animals can join your legion! Loot the treasure box until you satisfied. Team building is important. Battle will get more strategically and funny. Grouping your own legion with different mercenaries and skills, satisfy your training to make the battle easier! Keep watching your training in battle. Equipments become more fun. Get materials in levels and then use them to force your equipment.

Brave Frontier Apk v1.8.31.0 for Android (Mega Mod Money) (42.48 MB)

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